Freeze Sleeve

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A comfortable combination of ice pack and compression sleeve. Great for recovery on the go and made to prevent skin burns and muscle damage.
Sizes S-3XL

Freeze Sleeve

The Freeze Sleeve is a combination compression sleeve and ice pack made to enhance recovery and soothe aching joints in the arm. It is made with a specialized gel that removes the risk of damaging the muscles or causing skin burns so you can simply sit back and relax when you're ready for a soothing treatment. Its coverage is 360 degrees so you get the most out of its design rather than losing space to bulky closures.

The Freeze Sleeve is the perfect on-the-go tool and comes in a variety of sizes to support all players. The cold treatment is made to last about 20 minutes so you get just the right amount of doctor-recommended relief. Its components are also non-toxic and antimicrobial so it will stay odor-free over time. The sleeve is comfortable and flexible so you can easily move while its in use.

The Freeze Sleeve is the ideal replacement for bulky ice bags to calm tired and sore muscles.


Freeze Sleeve Technical Specifications
  • Help speed relief and recovery
  • Interchangeable between arms and legs
  • Made in the USA