Holbrook Pickleball Paddle Cover

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Holbrook Pickleball Paddle Cover

Whether you are gaming the Power Pro, a Soho Performance, or an Alta sport, the Holbrook Pickleball Paddle Cover will keep it in tiptop shape. The universal fit lets you keep whatever you are playing with that day covered, while the durable construction ensures careless carry won’t result in dings or dents.

The Paddle Cover from Holbrook doesn’t stop at universal protection. It also includes a burly zipper for repeated use, an integrated carrying handle to help you get to the courts on time, and simple Holbrook branding that is sure to go from modern to retro with ease.


Holbrook Pickleball Paddle Cover Technical Specifications
Heavy-duty Rip-resistant Construction
Universal Fit
Sturdy Zipper Closure
Integrated Carrying Handle
Holbrook Branding

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