Hipster Ball Band

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This stretchy black band will hold several pickleballs. No need for bulky belts or pockets. Available in S, M, L and XL.

Hipster Ball Band

The Hipster Ball Band is a stretchy "belt" that adds storage space to your apparel. This band allows you to keep pickleballs at hand without adding extra bulk. Just slide extra balls under the band and pull them out as needed. If you tend to wear skirts and athletic pants without pockets, this is a great accessory to add functionality. With a minimalistic look and fit, you can pair the band with anything.

The Hipster Ball Band comes in an adaptable black color and has "Hipster Ball Band" written in a white font across the surface. It has a super adjustable fit thanks to the flexible material but comes in multiple sizes to ensure it's snug enough to hold pickleballs against your hips. The band essentially serves as a fanny pack but with less complexity due to its zipperless design.

The Hipster Ball Band will allow you to carry extra balls around the court without slowing down your play. Available in S, M, L and XL. See technical specifications tab for sizing.


Small: waist size 24-27"
Medium: waist size 28-31"
Large: waist size 32-35"
X-Large: waist size 36-39"