Pickle Bandages

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Blisters from too much playing? Pickle on with these green pickle-shaped bandages. Flesh-colored bandages are old news now! The metal tin container alone is worth the price.

Pickle Bandages

The next time you stumble during a pickleball match and get a scratch, reach for these Pickle Bandages. Each latex-free bandage is shaped and colored to resemble a pickle, and is sure to garner some double-takes from anyone who sees your fun healing product. A collectible metal tin holds 15 of these pickle-shaped bandages, giving you enough to share as well as hoard for yourself.

The Pickle Bandages are latex-free and have a layer of sterile gauze to aid with healing. Each bandage measures 3” high by 1” wide, and the tin measures 3-3/4” high, small enough to easily store in your pickleball bag or in a drawer. Each tin also includes a free prize to help reduce any pain that might arise. Please note that the packaging contains natural rubber latex which could potentially cause allergic reactions.

The Pickle Bandages are the perfect way to make even the ouchiest owies feel better in no time.