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Protective eyewear with 5 adjustable arm lenght settings, making them ideal for juniors, women and men with slim faces. Scratch resistant, with anti-fog coating and UV400 rating.

Gearbox Slim Fit Protective Glasses

The Gearbox Slim Fit Protective Eyewear is perfect for players who are tired of the "one size fits all" approach and want protection that will actually adjust to their face rather than the other way around. These glasses have five adjustable arm length settings that can be tweaked to ensure a secure, reliable fit. This makes them ideal for young players, women and men with slim faces.

The Gearbox Slim Fit Eyewear use polycarbonate lenses available in several different colors to best address indoor lighting, sunny outdoor play and those seeking general vision improvements with the brightening amber lens.
  • Amber - Indoor/Outdoor
  • Blue - Indoor/Outdoor
  • Clear - Indoor
  • Smoke - Outdoor
They feature an anti-fog coating which keeps them clear when you need them most, rubber pads that soften impact in the event of any accidents, UV 400 rating, and are scratch resistant. A case is included for protection and storage. Slim Fit Eyewear by Gearbox was made for players of every size to enjoy better eyesight and peace of mind on the courts.


Polycarbonate Lenses
Scratch resistant
UV400 rating
Exceeds ASTM F803-11 Ball Impact Standards
131mm wide
44mm high
109-124mm arm length
73mm lens width
24 grams

Reviews (15)

  • Blue is great for overcast days

    Feb 9, 2024

    Slim fit is best for most women... I have so many friends who have goggles that are way too big, but these work great. And while I originally bought the blue lens for inside, I find they work best on dimly lit/overcast days, as they provide great eye and glare protection. When the sun comes out I usually switch back to my regular sunglasses.


  • Gearbox Slim Fit Eyewear

    Jan 5, 2024

    The glasses are very comfortable to wear and stay in place while playing Pickleball.

    Greg Nevens

  • Gearbox slim fit eyewear

    Dec 14, 2023

    The fit on these glasses is great for my small face, and I love the smoke lenses for outdoor. I’m waiting for the clear to come back in stock for indoor play. My only beef is that I wish the frames came in other options than white. Women (y’know, us slim faced folk) often wear tinted sunscreen or foundation which yellows white frames.

    Holly Van

  • Gearbox eyewear

    Oct 17, 2023

    Great product and great service!

    Dennis Roland


    Oct 13, 2023

    These are awesome. Snug fit & clear lines of site. I've tried others before but always found they interfered with my vision while playing pball. I wear these all the time now, indoor & out.

    Dick Barnes

  • Scratches easily

    Oct 12, 2023

    These were great at not fogging up but I was disappointed that they had several scratches after wearing them one time. I was very careful with them too.

    Valerie Herndon

  • Gearbox glasses

    Oct 8, 2023

    Frames are great! No glare or fogging, but the blue lenses only work well for me indoors and with indirect light. Not good for outdoors, but I have a lot of vision issues. It's not the fault of the glasses

    Don Seibert

  • Pickleball Safety Glasses

    Sep 3, 2023

    Unfortunately I had to return because the nose piece was in my line of vision. I just couldn't ignore it although I did try. It was just too annoying. Otherwise everything else about the glasses was great.

    Chrisandra Burgess

  • Gearbox Slim Fit Eyewear

    Jun 10, 2023

    I was pleasantly surprised that the Gearbox slim fit racquet sport eyewear fit so perfectly! I have a small face, and finding glasses, dark glasses, or protective eyewear that fits is always very difficult. I purchased the light blue shades in hopes that I will be able to use these both indoors and outdoors.

    Jenn M

  • Gearbox Slim Fit Eyewear

    May 7, 2023

    These glasses are great for those of us with a small or narrow face. They are light weight, have a soft nose piece (Important if you get hit in the face) and stay in place. The arms don't pull on your hair. Clarity of vision is good.

    Patsy Johnson