ONIX Pickleball Eagle Eyewear

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Performance and protection from lightweight sport eyewear with vented interchangeable lenses in three tints for play in all environments.

Eagle Eyewear from ONIX

The ONIX Pickleball Eagle Eyewear has an angular shape that looks sharp and allows for airflow thanks to its vented lenses. Keep your eyes safe from pickleballs, fog and the sun with this competitive design. They are 99.9% UV protected with an anti-scratch build so they won't need replacement after impact. These glasses come with three different lens colors including a clear, smoke, and blue tint to accommodate any type of lighting and prevent glare.

The ONIX Pickleball Eagle Eyewear creates a stable fit with its inward-curving temples and rubber inserts. It comes with an adjustable elastic strap that can be used for extra security and a drawstring Onix pouch to hold all the accessories. The frame is light weight and allows for easy motion without fear of the glasses slipping away. The bright orange frames stand out with the Onix name and logo printed on the side.

The ONIX Pickleball Eagle Eyewear is a great investment for players who want to stay protected while improving visibility during games.


Includes clear, blue tint, and smoke lenses
99.9% UV protection