GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleballs

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Outdoor pickleball from Gamma Sports, dominate on the court with this highly visible ball. This pickleball is two-piece welded construction in a highly visible "optic yellow" color. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 ball quantities.

Gamma Photon Outdoor Pickleball

The GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball has all the attributes needed to make it reliable option for casual or higher level play. With consistency, durability and true flight, it's able to stand up to the rigors of frequent games. The Photon is made with a 2-piece construction that allows it to play the same way on any type of outdoor court and offer a pleasant bounce.

The GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball comes in a bright, high visibility yellow that's easy to see even in low light. It's USAPA-approved and has 40 precisely molded holes for accurate placement in motion. This ball does not need to be conditioned and comes with a great feel right out of the box.

The GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball is a well-balanced choice for players who want a dependable ball.


GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball Technical Specifications
40 holes
Available in High-Vis Optic Yellow
Two-piece welded construction
Made in China