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Dominator Pro Portable Pickleball Net

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Competition-caliber portable pickleball net with a heavy-duty wheeled aluminum construction and hand crank for tension. Designed for indoor and outdoor play.

Dominator Pro Portable Pickleball Net

Whether you are repurposing pavement as a pickleball court, or just want a reliable net at your local courts, the Dominator Pro Portable Pickleball Net is the answer. This net provides a tensioned top cord like semi-permanent nets, while being lighter and more portable. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, is constructed from heavy duty 3” circular aluminum poles that provide weight savings, durability, and rust-free properties. Heavy-duty wheels allow you to move this net easily then lock in place to provide a sturdy feel while you play.

To further achieve a professional feel, the Pro Portable Pickleball Net from Dominator boasts a hand crank for tension, a wired cable through the tape, and dowls on either side of the net to keep it taught and up to USA pickleball regulations.

If you are ooking for a professional level portable pickleball net, the Dominator Pro Max Portable Pickleball Net is a great option. 


Dominator Pro Portable Pickleball Net Technical Specifications
3” Thick T6 Aluminum Frame
Stainless Steel Hardware
Heavy Duty Wheels
Regulation Size and Dimensions
Hand Crank for Adjustable Tension
Fiberglass Dowels and Wired Cable