Classic PickleNet Replacement Bag

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If you need a fresh new carrying bag for your Classic PickleNet Portable Net System, we've got you covered! Offered in a vibrant royal blue. Measures 40" x 7" x 5"

Classic PickleNet Replacement Bag

The Classic PickleNet Replacement Bag, exclusively from Pickleball Central will fit the original "round post" net systems as well as the new Classic PickleNet Portable net system. The bag can fit one entire net system inside with ease. Bag measures 40" x 7" x 8". This is the same high-quality carrying bag that came with your original net system.

The Classic PickleNet Replacement Bag is crafted in a bright royal blue nylon. The seams of the bag are reinforced with black plastic piping for added strength. Handles are attached for easy transportation. Inside, several compartments help keep everything in place for convenient storage. Across the front of the bag, bright white text reads “The Classic PickleNet” and "PickleballCentral.com" on the opposite side.