Whether You Want Power Or Touch, The New Onix Evoke Pro Paddle Does It All

by karenthomaspbc on Jun 7, 2017

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Like many of us who’ve caught the pickleball bug, the folks at Onix are dedicated pickleball fanatics. Since 2005 they have been creating high quality paddles that incorporate several innovative designs and technologies. Designed by players, for players, Onix pickleball paddles have been instrumental in advancing the sport to higher levels.

The Pickleball Paddle

Onix launched their Evoke series of paddles a few years ago, focusing on high performance polycore paddles that were lightweight. The original Evoke paddle came in two shapes, in a tear drop and an oversize shape. With its wide body style, the new Onix Evoke Pro paddle extends and maximizes the paddle’s sweet spot. In addition, the Evoke Pro is designed with the maximum allowable surface roughness, helping players put spin on the ball, while maintaining great touch for dink shots.

We recently asked Zach Scheller of Onix to share with us what Onix had in mind when designing the Evoke Pro and what sets it apart from other paddles.

PBC: What makes the Evoke Pro different from other paddles?

Onix: The Evoke Pro takes what's great about a variety of different paddles and styles of play, and combines all of it into one paddle. We retained the great balance and touch of the Evoke series while adding increased pop and additional spin. This way, players (especially those who change out paddles throughout a game) don’t have to choose between what style they’re going for – they get it all in a single paddle.

Our team of Onix professional players were critical in the development of this product, providing us direction and input on what is required for a true “players” paddle. In particular, Onix player ambassador Byron Freso, was instrumental in dialing in the performance of the Evoke Pro paddle.

Sara Ash Pro player Sara Ash was a fan of the original Evoke Paddle

PBC: Is there a particular player type the Evoke Pro is designed for?

Onix: Our focus with the Evoke Pro was to make a high performance polycore paddle with a composite face that delivers the perfect balance of control and pop. Our target audience was the top-tier players who want to take their game to the next level. The surprising thing is how wide an audience the Evoke Pro appeals to; examples are players who favor the power game, as well as those who prefer to win with great touch at the net – both types are converting to the Evoke Pro.

PBC: What is unique about the Evoke Pro grip?

Onix: The original Evoke paddles had a 4.5” grip, which helps provides strength and balance to lighter paddles, but can be cumbersome for some players, especially those with smaller hands. The Evoke Pro comes with a 4.25” grip, which feels a little more natural to the majority of players and will not affect the balance or strength of the paddle.

PBC: Why might tennis players switching to pickleball prefer the Evoke Pro?

Onix: Tennis players converting to pickleball understand the power game, and to be successful, are required to learn the dink game played at the net. With the Evoke Pro, players are able to keep the power and spin they had in tennis combined with a generous sweet spot and great touch for the net game.

Jotham Darrin Jotham Darrin and his gold medal with the Evoke Pro

PBC: Are there any pro players using the Evoke Pro?

Onix: A lot of our Onix pro team has switched over to the Evoke Pro. What is interesting is seeing players who prefer different paddles and styles, such as Dave Glendenning (who used the Z5) and Sara Ash (who used the Evoke Tear Drop) who have found common ground in the Evoke Pro. I believe Jotham Darrin holds the honor of the first to win gold with the Evoke Pro at PebbleCreek back in February.

PBC: Anything else you would like to mention about the Evoke Pro?

Onix: We’re excited to get the new Evoke Pro out to the public – there have been so many requests for these that we’re glad to finally get them in the hands of players at the court level, especially because we know how it will improve their game.

With the Evoke Pro, Onix has scored a win with a highly versatile performance paddle that builds on the successful features of its predecessor and deservedly appeals to a wide range of players. Want to learn more? See these details about the Evoke Pro paddle’s technical specs.