TechTalk with Paddletek Pickleball: Tempest V3 Line

by Kelly Frazier on Aug 11, 2023

TechTalk with Paddletek Pickleball: Tempest V3 Line

PaddleTek Tempest V3 Line TechTalk

In our latest TechTalk we caught up with  Paddletek to talk about their exciting Tempest V3 lineup. The Tempest V3 Line features an Iced Carbon Surface. Exciting new texture from Paddletek that will impart long lasting spin. Takes their most popular line to a whole new level.

The paddles:   

This provides fans of Paddletek a well-rounded choice of Elongated and Traditional Shape in a thin core and thick core. Pick the paddle that fits your play! Check out the interview below to see why these new paddles may be just what you need to take your game to the next level.

We are excited about Paddletek bringing out new product. You are starting with an update to your most popular line

What is new about the Tempest V3 line up?

Our new and improved Tempest series has our proprietary ICED Carbon-Fiber surface with our innovative perma-spin technology. Now fans of the Tempest series can add spin to their game without sacrificing the performance that made the Tempest so popular.

What will fans of the Tempests find different in the way the paddle plays?

The goal for the new Tempest series was to improve on an already great product without sacrificing the unique performance that makes a Tempest special. You will continue to get the same control and touch as you do with our current tempest series, but it is now improved with our new Perma-Spin technology.

Can you tell us about the development and testing of the new paddles?

We had a meticulous R&D process to develop our new Tempest line. We utilized our pros and brand ambassadors' feedback throughout the testing process, and continued to make improvements. We are excited for our new best-in-class paddles to get in our customers' hands!

What is next for Paddletek in 2023 and beyond?

Look for a new Anna Leigh Waters Bantam line in the coming months and paddles with extreme vibration control. We are dedicated to innovating and investing into R&D to improve our current paddle line. We have many new technologies in the works for 2024. Stay tuned!

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