Paddle Review: Selkirk AMPED Pro Air

by Joseph Sutton on May 20, 2024

Paddle Review: Selkirk AMPED Pro Air

Bottom Line:

The Selkirk AMPED Pro Air revives one of the best selling all-court paddles of all time (the original Selkirk AMPED), and this time it features edgeless construction and top-tier spin potential. The AMPED Pro Air was designed to fill the gap in power potential between the Vanguard Power Air and LUXX Control Air, and our experience backed up that claim making this a top performing all-court/power paddle.

Model: AMPED Pro Air

Manufacturer: Selkirk Sport

Paddle Type: All-Court/Power

Spin: Very High

Player Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Thickness: 16mm

Weight: 7.8 - 8.2 oz.

Surface: Fiberglass

✅ Pros

  • Incredible spin potential
  • Great maneuverability
  • One of the best grips in the game

❌ Cons

  • Feedback on off center hits is a little harsh
  • So many colors, can be tough to decide which to choose!


Dinking with the Selkirk AMPED Pro Air Pickleball Paddle

Dinks and Drops – While this paddle does fall into the all-court category, it leans towards the power side of the spectrum. I had to lock in on the right grip pressure and stroke to make sure my placement shots didn't fly high on me. While it took some getting used to coming from a softer raw carbon fiber paddle, the direct feedback the Pro Air offers allowed me to feel confident in my soft game as long as I was making good contact.

Speed ups and attacks – With such a maneuverable frame and top tier spin potential, quick flicks and last second attacks were a joy to hit with the whole AMPED lineup. The fiberglass hitting surface is a bit bouncy, so off-speed technical rolls took some focus to keep in bounds, but players going for those shots will likely be able to reign them in with some practice.  

Attack with the Selkirk AMPED Pro Air Pickleball Paddle
Serving with the Selkirk Amped Pro Air Pickleball Paddle

Serves and Drives – True to its name, the AMPED Pro Air has pro tier power potential on serves and drives that made it easy to generate pace on serves and drives without the need to overswing. I never felt lacking for power or even like I needed to add weight to get any more oomph on my shots (though I may add some for stability at 3 and 9 o clock).

Counters and blocks – While the AMPED Pro Air isn't the most forgiving paddle outside the sweet spot, its maneuverability and pop make it a powerful asset in a firefight. This paddle without a doubt improved my handspeed, and I was confident that when I attacked my opponent, I'd be able to manage whatever pace came back to me. Some weighted tape on the perimeter would certainly increase the size of the effective sweet spot, and it may be worth it for players who can handle the added weight.

Hitting a Block with the all new Selkirk AMPED Pro Air

Which Selkirk Air Model is Right for You?

Vanguard Power Air

  • Most power potential
  • Most maneuverable
  • Smallest sweet spot
  • Offense focused


  • Great power potential
  • Very maneuverable
  • Good forgiveness
  • All-Court/Power focused

LUXX Control Air

  • Fantastic Control
  • Largest sweet spot
  • Good maneuverability
  • Control/all-court focused

Final Thoughts

Since the launch of the LUXX Control Air we've been excited to try the "goldilocks" of the Air Series , and we are happy to report that the AMPED Pro Air does not dissapoint. With a buildup so similar to its power and control oriented siblings, we knew we were going to enjoy the spin potential and build quality Selkirk paddles are known for. While the applied grit surface on the Air Series offers elite spin potential, it is worth noting that it isn't as durable as the popular peel ply created "raw carbon fiber" surfaces on the market.  

I recommend this paddle for intermediate-advanced players looking to put pressure on their opponents with drives, serves, and counter attacks with a bit more forgiveness than the top-selling Power Air.

How does the AMPED pro air compare to the Vanguard Power Air?

Players who love the Power Air will seamlessly transition to the Pro Air and will enjoy the added stability the thicker core offers. While the AMPED Pro Air doesn't have quite as much pop as the Power Air, for most players, the boost in forgiveness will be worth the tradeoff.

how does the AMPED pro air compare to the LUXX Control Air

Players who love the LUXX will experience a significant boost in pop and power that makes the AMPED an excellent choice in for those in hotter temps where the ball softens up and the LUXX doesn't offer the putaway power they need.

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