Pickleball Magazine Features Romance, RVers and Rule Changes in Jan/Feb Issue

by laurapbc on Feb 24, 2018

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The first Pickleball Magazine of the year has arrived and it's another one worth saving! Packed full of helpful tips and tricks from the pros, industry innovations and news on pickleball's growth worldwide, Pickleball Magazine is a great way to make sure you know all the details surrounding your favorite game.

The January/February issue took a moment to highlight romance for Valentine's Day by providing a charming article on couple Rob and Shonda Davidson. After meeting at a tournament, the pair wanted to bring the joy of pickleball to all their friends and family by featuring it during their wedding.

Pickleball Wedding - Rob and Shonda Rob and Shonda Davidson

Find out how they chose a venue and game format, handled their guests' varying skill levels and prepped for the main ceremony in Pickleball Magazine. Personally, we love Rhonda's sporty sky blue shoes peeking out from underneath her gorgeous dress in this picture!

If you haven't read up on the new rule changes made by the USAPA, this is also a great time to brush up on all the facts. In this issue, Pickleball Magazine shares an updated list of all the revisions that have been made and and how they affect the game.

Backhand Roll - Ben Johns Ben Johns and his backhand roll

The featured pro is 19-year-old Ben Johns. A follow-up article shares his favorite shot, called the backhand roll. This unique skill actually allows players to attack balls from below the net by applying topspin and power in a low stance. You'll learn proper setup and execution by reading through all the details in the explanation from Ben.

There are also tips from Steve Paranto on hitting at your opponents' feet and a rules Q&As with Christine Barksdale.

RV Picklers

Find out more about one of the fastest-growing pickleball populations: RV owners. With old tennis courts being converted, many parks are simply choosing to invest in pickleball these days as it becomes one of the most-requested features.

You'll see some of the most polished courts at RV resorts from across the U.S. and why players have come to call them home.

Find a breakdown of newly-released equipment, lessons from Nationals champs and much more in Pickleball Magazine. Just click for options to subscribe for 1 or 2 years. Delivery is currently available in the U.S. and Canada.