Paddles the Pros Used at the 2021 National Championships

by kellyfrazier88 on Dec 23, 2021

Paddles the Pros Used at the 2021 National Championships

2021 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships presented by Pickleball Central

PickleballCentral was proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2021 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Palm Springs. While this year has been another test of endurance when it comes to balancing safety with the return of more in-person events, we were inspired by the pickleball community's resilience and drive to keep our sport going strong. In fact, looking at a breakdown of the stats surrounding this exciting event there were:

2,342 players

3,944 matches

87 USA Pickleball certified referees

172 brackets

Making this event the largest pickleball tournament in the history of the sport!

We're grateful to everyone who participated or showed up to support the competitors as we continue to see the game rise in popularity. PickleballCentral was there for 10 days as the one-stop shop for all sorts of pickleball gear from your favorite brands. We had a shoe try-on center, paddle demo center, ball machines, bags and more! There was also plenty of amazing pro action, and we're here to provide a recap of the paddles used by medal winners if you'd like to try them for yourself.

Leigh Waters with Paddletek

Paddletek Pheonix Genesis - Leigh Waters

Leigh Waters took gold in Womens Doubles with her 14-year-old superstar daughter, Anna Leigh. This pair has been Nationals gold champs two years in a row.

The Phoenix Genesis Composite Pickleball Paddle is a fairly speedy option that has trim weight (7.4 - 7.8 oz) and dimensions. In addition to its easy maneuvering, it provides 'Torsion Vibration Control' which helps players accurately place shots even when hitting off-center and dampens vibrations through the grip for better consistency even in the midst of tough exchanges.

PRICE $89.99

Jennifer Dawson with ProKennex

ProKennex Ovation Flight - Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer was the only player at this year’s Nationals to win a Triple Crown (again!) – gold in all 3 events (Senior Singles, Doubles with Cammy McGregor and Mixed Doubles with Dayne Gingrich).

The ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Flight has a special core that uses tungsten fibers to reduce the amount of vibrations that reach the arm, minimizing shock from impact and helping to prevent injury. The innovative oval shape has great reactivity that's all sweet spot, while the Air-O-Guard offers an edgeless design that eliminates mis-hits while protecting the paddle.

PRICE $189.95
Free Paddle Cover ($16.99 value)

Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova with ONIX

ONIX Evoke Premier - Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova

Partners Matt and Lucy won Silver in Mixed Doubles, adding another big win to their impressive record.

Matt and Lucy helped develop their signature paddle which is focused on reliable power and high-level precision. A light coating on the face softens the feel of impact while still ensuring a responsive touch. The Atomic13 Edge technology maintains a slim profile and also assists in dispersing shock while improving swing speed.

PRICE $149.99
3 Free ONIX Fuse Outdoor Balls ($9.99 value)

Dayne Gingrich with Electrum

Electrum Pro - Dayne Gingrich

Dayne won gold in Senior Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles with partners Dave Weinbach and Jennifer Dawson, finishing off a great year.

The Electrum Pro Graphite features a Toray T700 carbon fiber face which offers texture for spin and enhanced durability. Its broad surface creates a large sweet spot and the core only uses full cells, ensuring dependable feedback and power.

MSPR $169.99
SALE $139.99
Free Paddle Cover ($16.99 value)

Erik Lange with Head

HEAD Gravity - Erik Lange

Erik won bronze in Men’s Doubles with partner Wes Gabrielsen. He is a PPR teaching pro and works full time as a regional sales rep for HEAD.

The HEAD Gravity’s face features a hybrid blend of graphite and composite materials that combine for a perfect mix of control and power. It uses a thicker 14 mm polymer core that adds to stability and great touch. The large sweet spot and tri-axial pattern on the surface which contributes to spin make this a winner.

PRICE $154.95

Zane Navratil Franklin Ben Johns Signature M Singles Silver
Lea Jansen Franklin Ben Johns Signature WD Silver
Catherine Parenteau Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro WD Bronze
Jessie Irvine Engage Pursuit MX WD Bronze
Irina Tereschenko Paddletek Bantam EX-L WD Silver, W Singles Bronze
Jilliam Braverman Paddletek Sabre Pro W Singles Silver
Paul Olin GAMMA RZR Sr M Singles Silver
Scott Fliegelman Babolat RBEL Touch Sr M Singles Bronze
Mattias Johansson Engage Pursuit MX Sr M Singles Gold
Mircea Morariu Electrum Pro Sr Mixed Bronze
Julie Johnson Engage Encore 6.0 Sr Mixed Bronze, Sr Women's Singles Silver
Callan Dawson ProKennex Pro Speed II M D Silver
Jennifer Dawson ProKennex Ovation Flight Sr Mixed Gold, Sr WD Gold, Sr Women's Singles Gold - triple crown!
Tyson McGuffin Selkirk VANGUARD Hybrid Invikta M D Gold, M Singles Gold, Mixed Bronze
Lucy Kovalova Onix Evoke Premier Mixed Silver
Anna Leigh Waters Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Mixed Bronze, WD Gold, W Singles Gold
Leigh Waters Paddletek - Phoenix Genesis WD Gold
Dave Weinbach Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Sr M D Gold, Sr Mixed Silver
Scott Moore Paddletek Sabre Pro Sr M D Bronze
John Sperling Selkirk VANGUARD Invikta (Electrify) Sr M D Silver
Scott Crandall Electrum Sr M D Bronze
Dayne Gingrich Electrum Pro Sr M D Gold, Sr Mixed Gold
Cammy MacGregor Selkirk AMPED S2 Sr WD Gold, Sr Women's Singles Bronze
Nathalie Bagby Paddletek EX-L Pro Sr Women's Silver
Riley Newman GAMMA Signature Model M D Gold, Mixed Gold
Wes Gabrielsen Selkirk AMPED Epic M D Bronze
Kevin Booth Gearbox CX14H Sr M D Silver
Erik Lange HEAD Gravity M D Bronze
Kris Anderson Onix Evoke Premier Sr MD xxx
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(Event stats from USAPickleball.)