Most Original Pickleball Fun-Raiser Ever

by pickleballfun on Oct 15, 2013

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Owatonna Pickleball Group Owatonna Pickleball Group's fundraising idea is a perfect fit for fun, fun pickleball.

The Owatonna Pickleball Group is going down the drain with it's latest, and probably pickleball's most original, pickleball fundraiser. Decorated toilets began appearing on potential donors years in early October.   'Get that toilet off my lawn!'  Here's the fundraising part of this. The Pickleball Group will remove the toilet, but for a fee. Owatonna Pickleball Group is using the proceeds to help build new pickleball courts at Morehouse Park.  Here's the removal pricing:

$15 - simple removal

$20 - removal and delivered to a friend's yard

$25 - removal, delivered to a friends' yard and guaranteed immunity from toilet reappearing on your lawn.

Toilets are delivered with instructions on how to have the toilet removed and passed onto someone else. For more details on this wonderful unique fundraiser, see the Owatonna People's Press article. We love this. It's fun and a great cause!