Introducing Titan Pickleball Machines at PickleballCentral

by John Cowley on Jun 14, 2024

Introducing Titan Pickleball Machines at PickleballCentral

Pickleball enthusiasts, rejoice! We are thrilled to announce that is the exclusive retail partner for the revolutionary Titan Pickleball Machines. As the leading retailer in the pickleball community, we are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in pickleball technology, and the Titan Pickleball Machines are no exception.

Key Features of Titan Pickleball Machines:

Advanced Ball Control: Both the Titan ONE and Titan ACE feature internal oscillation, meaning no more watching the machine move back and forth—just react to the shots.

Phone-Based App:
Operate your Titan machine via a flexible, user-friendly app that offers unparalleled control and customization.

High Capacity and Speed: The Titan ONE holds 85 pickleballs and reaches speeds up to 75 mph, while the Titan ACE holds 110 pickleballs and offers the same top speed.

Pre-Programmed and Custom Drills: Both models come with 12 popular drills pre-programmed in the app, with the option to create custom drills for a personalized training experience.

Titan ONE Highlights:

All-in-One Design: Store your paddle, balls, and other kit inside the machine's hopper for convenient and practical storage.

Superior Performance: With internal oscillation and unparalleled features, the Titan ONE is the best pickleball machine on the market.

Titan ACE Highlights:

Compact Design: The most compact ball machine in the Titan lineup, featuring a clever hopper design that fits 110 pickleballs.

High Performance: Delivers speeds up to 75 mph with the Active Braking System for fast acceleration and deceleration between balls.

Titan Ball Machine Highlights:

Customizable Drills: Use the free Titan Drills app to create custom drills, with 12 popular drills pre-programmed and ready to play.

Experience the ultimate drilling experience with Titan’s MegaDrill.

High-Powered Motors: Deliver speeds up to 75 mph.

Rechargeable Battery: Includes a rechargeable lithium battery with 2 hours of play per charge.

Enhanced Portability: Features an extendable handle and large trolley wheels for easy transport.

Pickleball Central is honored to be the Exclusive Retail Partner with Titan Pickleball Machines.

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At, we are passionate about helping players reach their full potential. With the launch of the Titan Pickleball Machines, we are confident that you will find the tools you need to enhance your skills and enjoy the game even more. Don't wait – visit us online today and experience the difference that Titan Pickleball Machines can make in your training regimen. Happy playing!