​Introducing The VERSIX RAW Pickleball Paddle

by Patrick Moore on Jul 12, 2023

​Introducing The VERSIX RAW Pickleball Paddle

What is the VERSIX® RAW Pickleball Paddle?

The VERSIX® RAW is a next level performance paddle researched, designed and built by Pickleball Central to meet what we understand as the core needs of serious pickleball players who want a great all-around paddle with excellent feel. The VERSIX® RAW is a follow-up to our VERSIX® Pro Line and the culmination of more than a year of research, testing and development on multiple iterations of material, component, and shape combinations by the paddle geeks at Pickleball Central.

In designing this paddle, we wanted to provide modern players with a balanced paddle that can be relied on as your partner through it all. We wanted to offer players from 3.0 to 5.0 with a really good paddle that offers the key features our customers ask for, and to do it at a great value. We set out to build an honest paddle, one that performs reliably for multiple playing styles, is balanced in hand and from all court and that is true to our core goals of supporting pickleball players with quality products and expert advice and information.

Most importantly, we wanted to build a paddle we’d love to take onto the court.

We called upon our status as your trusted pickleball experts to develop the VERSIX® RAW paddle. This paddle offers a step up in technology and shot shaping ability from our Pro line to cater to mid-level and advanced players who demand performance and appreciate value.

Raw Carbon Fiber Hitting Surface

As you may have suspected from the name, the VERSIX® RAW boasts a raw T700 Toray carbon fiber face for even performance, enhanced impact force dispersion, large sweet spot and excellent ability to shape ball flight with grip and spin. We used a tighter weave final finish that provides enhanced wear resistance for more grip on the ball throughout the life of the paddle. 

This combination allows you to hit dastardly cut shots and spinning serves that keep your opponent on their heels. Since this texture is structural instead of painted on, it is able to maintain this high-level performance for months and months of playing pickleball.

Elongated Pickleball Paddle Shape

The VERSIX® RAW pairs this high-performing hitting surface with a powerful elongated shape and weight that straddles the line between maneuverability and stability.

  • 16 3/8” overall length
  • 11” x 7 3/8” head size
  • 5 3/4” handle with a cushioned grip
  • 8.0-ounce average weight

The longer paddle shape offers impressive leverage and a moderately higher sweet spot to provide added power on passing shots and overhead slams. Meanwhile, the 5 3/4” handle accentuates reach and allows you to situate your hands comfortably on two hand backhands. 

This longer handle is in-part created by a more aggressive taper from the handle to the hitting surface. This taper not only maximizes the hitting surface but also improves feel and head flex for increased plow-through on hard drives while reducing vibration transmitted to the hand. With this shape we were able to achieve a longer handle and relatively long paddle face while maintaining width for sweet spot size stability on blocking shots and resets.

Balanced 15mm Honeycomb Core

The VERSIX® RAW offers a 15mm polypropylene core that is situated nicely between the popular 14mm power thickness and 16mm control thicknesses that we see across the industry. This core limits vibration and expands the sweet spot to help you keep mis-hits on the court and live to fight another day while also continuing the balanced theme of this paddle. 

VERSIX RAW Pickleball Paddle

Who is the VERSIX RAW Designed For?

Like our other VERSIX paddles we designed the VERSIX® RAW with high end materials and plenty of player feedback to help you build your skill set and find the perfect paddle for you.

If you are not ready to fully commit to the many high-end performance paddles available, and you are a mid-level to advanced player who likes to impart spin on the ball in between point-winning slams then the well balanced VERSIX® RAW may be for you.

Try the VERSIX® RAW today with our FREE 30-Day Paddle Test Drive: Our 100% Happy Return Policy and find out if it will be Your Partner Through It All. 

Comes with a 1 year warrenty.

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