Four Reasons a Ball Machine is your Best Drill Partner

by Karen Thomas on Nov 16, 2022

Four Reasons a Ball Machine is your Best Drill Partner

If you’re serious about improving your pickleball skills, drilling is essential. Playing games is great fun, but during games you rely on your existing habits. Drilling specific shots provides the repetition needed to develop the muscle memory and consistency that will improve your strokes. Players who are serious about drilling appreciate the benefits a ball machine adds to their training.

Here are four reasons why a ball machine makes one of the best drill partners:

1.Consistency: With a ball machine you can replicate almost any shot type and practice it repeatedly. It’s much easier and more efficient to get the repetition needed to build consistency and make correct strokes a habit with a machine that continually delivers the shot you need to work on.

2. Variety: You can set up most ball machines to fire many different shots. Whether you want to work on returning lobs, blocking, volleying, ground strokes, dinks or resets, the ball machine can put the ball where you want it. Some ball machines can also deliver shots that have back spin and top spin so you can practice returning those tricky spin shots that more and more players are getting good at. Some of the more advanced ball machines even come with pre-programmed drills built in, so it’s super easy to push go and start your training session.

3. Simplicity: No other players available who want to drill? No problem! You don’t need to coordinate with others to use a ball machine; you can simply train on your own whenever you want. Some ball machines come with AC or battery power options so if you have a battery-powered machine you have flexibility about where you can use it. Ball machines are also small and lightweight enough that they are easy to put in your car transport to the courts. If you prefer not to train alone, you can also use a ball machine to drill with others, and that leads us to the next reason a ball machine is a great investment…

4. Friend magnet: We’ve heard several people say that when they got a ball machine, they made lots of new pickleball friends. Other players love to check out ball machines and are eager to see how they work. The pickleball gear geeks in your crowd who say they want to drill might actually do so when they see that new ball machine and all the cool things it can do. A ball machine will not only help improve your pickleball game, it might also enhance your social life!

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