Celebrate the 4th of July with These Patriotic Paddles and Gear

by laurapbc on Jul 4, 2018

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The 4th of July arrives tomorrow! Between celebrating independence, munching on BBQ and watching fireworks, picklers may want to take a look at these patriotic offering we currently have in stock.

If you want to show off some red, white and blue pride, take a look at the following goods:

Pickleball USA Shirt

Pickleball USA Shirt Pickleball USA Shirt in Men and Women's sizes

These shirts allow you to share your affection for pickleball and the U.S. all in one! Emblazoned with the word 'Pickleball' but filled with the stars and stripes of the American flag, this is the perfect apparel to wear during your celebrations.

Liberty Pro 4G Paddle

If you want to represent American ideals on the court, you can't get much clearer than a print of the Statue of Liberty on your paddle! The patriotic design is a wonderful fit for the 4th, and the Liberty Pro isn't just a looker on the outside; it has a tough Nomex core and one of the widest surfaces available for an extra broad sweet spot.

2018 US Open Bantam TS-5

This paddle was created in celebration of this year's US Open, and as such it has a brilliant red, white and blue design. The classy looks will make it stand the test of time for years to come. The TS-5 is a lightweight option that will keep you quick at the net and prepared to return any shot.

2016 US Open Bantam EX-L

Similar to the Bantam TS-5, this Bantam EX-L was also made to celebrate the US Open, but for the 2016 competition. Get in on this limited design before Paddletek decides to stop offering it. In contrast to the TS-5, this paddle features a medium to heavier weight for increased power without losing control.


USAPA Shirt USAPA Shirt for Men and Women

The USAPA is a major governing body for pickleball, and this design provides a great opportunity to support their work and country! The USAPA logo, of course, uses patriotic colors and can be placed atop a variety of different shirt designs to best suit your needs.

In addition to this particular option, there are many USAPA-centric pieces of apparel on the PickleballCentral website which may appeal to those hunting for similar color schemes.

We hope everyone fits in a few games of pickleball tomorrow and enjoys a wonderful day!