2017 Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide

by laurapbc on Dec 6, 2017

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As the holidays draw nearer, it's a great time to take advantage of good deals to grab pickleball savings for yourself and others. The following products are some of our most popular and money-saving options, allowing you to mix-and-match whatever items you think will suit your needs.

Whether you're looking for a deal or wondering what the hottest new picks are, something is sure to catch your eye. Happy holidays and shopping!

Pickleball Luxury Gifts

These gifts spell luxury for a reason. If you're trying to find a gift for the pickleball fanatic that has it all, or just want to go straight to the top of the line when it comes to quality, these products are sure to please thanks to their design and utility. Whether you want responsive paddles, sturdy storage or the most efficient gear, there's something to please even the pickiest player.


Luxury Gifts


 5-Star Rated Paddles

These paddles provide an excellent combination of reactivity, control and power. Regardless of your giftee's needs as a player, the variety of shapes and styles available will allow you to select the best fit for their playstyle. Save on popular picks before you'll have to go back to paying a premium!


5-Star Paddles


Men's Pickleball Gifts

Most men appreciate a combination of classic looks and functional design. These items are ideal when you want to pick a gift your favorite pickleball guy will want to use on a regular basis. Proven training tips, comfy yet stylish apparel and well-made equipment are exactly what most men will appreciate this season.


Mens Gifts


Women's Pickleball Gifts

When it comes to picking a gift for a lady pickler, you've got to have it all. Looks, smarts and quality! That's just what the following products provide, whether you want to give the gift of style or knowledge. We've covered all the bases with sterling jewelry, training aids, classy attire and paddles that look as good as they play!


Womens Gifts


New Products

Not sure what sort of present to buy or feel like you've seen it all? Check out our newest releases and see if one might catch your fancy and add new life to your game. These products come with some of the freshest technologies that promise to strengthen play and bring more pizzazz to the courts.


New Products


Biggest Deals

What's one of the best parts of shopping during the holiday season? Being able to save big! These items have some of the steepest discounts on our site despite being well-rounded buys for just about any type of player. Whether it's a new t-shirt, a full net bundle or intriguing piece of gear, treat yourself while the getting's good.


Gift Savings


Paddles for Beginners

Want a paddle that anyone will be able to pick up and use? These options offer a broad sweet spot and generous amount of 'pop' so that it's easier for newbies to get the hang of play and start returning pickleballs with ease. Some options like the Tyro and Ranger are even effective choices for kids thanks to their slender design and light weight.


Gift Paddles


Pickleball Stocking Stuffers

If you need a few smaller accessories or trinkets to keep the holiday cheer rolling, take a look at the following items to bring that extra touch of effort. These products make great add-ons for just about any pickleball-themed gift. Mix and match or grab whatever looks best to up the amount of pickleball 'swag.'


Pickleball Stocking Stuffers