Athletic Tape

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Use this cotton, breathable tape to protect your injured joints. Keep all your joints in their correct place when you use this durable athletic tape. Play longer without pain!

Athletic Tape

By simply using this Athletic Tape, you can secure injured ankles, wrists, shoulders, fingers, and so much more. This is certainly a multipurpose product and can be used both as injury protection as well as post-injury treatment. This versatile tape can be applied to stabilize injured joints or to add some extra support to weak areas of the body. It is made of extremely strong and durable cotton which tears easily for extremely easy application.

The Athletic Tape is simply made from white cotton with adhesive properties on one side of the tape. This is a high-quality, professional-type tape which is a go-to product for countless athletic trainers and players alike. Each roll of tape contains 10 yards of this great product and measures 1-1/2” wide. When used correctly, this item provides incredible support and can even limit movement if desired.

The Athletic Tape should be in every player’s bag- just in case!