Zero Zero Two Paddle Cover

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Zero Zero Two Pickleball Paddle Cover

The Zero Zero Two Paddle Cover is a bright and fun way to defend your paddle from damage. Made of thick, soft neoprene, it slips over the face of your paddle to protect against jostling during travel or storage. If you want to ensure your gear stays in top condition, this is a stylish way to maintain its quality. The cover is large enough to cover just about any paddle and easily zips along the side of the surface to secure it in place.

The Zero Zero Two Paddle Cover has a black background with pickleball's starting score printed in yellow, lime and green text stacked on top of one another. The edging is half black and half lime. The cover's full size is 9-1/2" across and 12" long with a generous opening at the bottom for your paddle's handle.

The Zero Zero Two Paddle Cover will remind you that every game holds a potential win, and your paddle will help carry you to victory!


Standard size measures 12" long x 9 1/2" wide.
X-Large size (coming soon) measures 13" long x 9" wide