Vulcan V100 Training Pickleball Paddle

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This training paddle uses a small face to encourage better hand-eye coordination while providing instant feedback that helps you fix bad habits.

Lightweight/Small Grip

Vulcan V100 Training Paddle

Missing the sweet spot can be the difference between winning big points or continuing to come up short. The Vulcan V100 Training Paddle is a sweet spot on a stick! The circular sweet spot is 3-3/8" in diameter, which is a bit larger than the diameter of a pickleball, and is a raised face off of the rest of the paddle to provide instant feedback. The instant and easy-to-interpret feedback of this training paddle ensures that you will start to make more effective contact every time on the court.

The Vulcan V100 Training Paddle uses a 5-inch padded grip to create a feel similar to match that of your paddle, and a full wood construction that effortlessly keeps up with your long and rigorous training sessions. It's also light, at just 5.9 oz., allowing you to add lead weight to simulate the overall weight and balance of your favorite pickleball paddle. The V100 Training Paddle is best used during practice sessions or while warming up.


Vulcan V100 Training Paddle Technical Specifications
Paddle Weight: 5.9 ounces
Paddle Length: 16"
Paddle Width: 4"
Handle Length: 5"
Grip Manufacturer: Vulcan
Paddle Face: Wood
Core Material: Wood
Edge Guard: None
Manufacturer: Vulcan Pickleball