Vulcan Rosin Powder

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Vulcan Rosin Powder

Vulcan Rosin Powder can be rubbed into the hands to create an absorbent, dry feel. This prevents sweat from building up so that players can rest easy knowing their paddles won't leave their grip. This powder is useful to have during long practices and in humid weather so that your paddle will never be in danger of getting thrown.

Vulcan Rosin Powder is easy to carry with the rest of your gear thanks to its plastic container. Simply tap some of the rosin onto your hands and make sure it's been distributed evenly. Your grip will feel tackier and won't budge no matter how you swing your paddle. This powder is great to have available during long matches and in hot, humid weather.

Use Vulcan Rosin Powder whenever you want to add some more security to your grip and reduce sweat around your paddle's handle.