Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleballs

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High-performance ball designed to provide consistent flight with patented 38-hole seamless design. Available in packs of 4, 12, and 100.

Selkirk Seamless Pro S1 Pickleball

Designed to help you pursue podiums, the Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball provides consistent bounce and flight match after match. This rotomolded 1-piece pickleball sports a seamless design that helps it bounce true, a patented 38-hole pattern that cuts through the wind with ease, and is constructed from material that holds up to the power and spin demands of modern players.

The Pro S1 Pickleball from Selkirk Sport is designed to outperform your wildest expectations so that you can reach your full potential as a pickleball player.

1 Year No-Crack Warranty offered by Selkirk, purchase must be registered, see package for details.


Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball Technical Specifications
Weight: 0.93 oz.
Diameter: 2.8"
Holes: Patented 38 Hole Pattern
Color: Neon
Construction: Rotomolded 1-piece Design
Approved: Meets USA Pickleball Specifications
Made in China

Reviews (7)

  • Selkirk Pro S1

    Dec 6, 2023

    We just started using these for cold weather and without a doubt they are the best we've used. Not one crack in 30 deg. temps. - a huge improvement over the X-40's. In the past, we have gone to the Onix "soft" balls which no one really liked - but they didn't crack. A few have gone out of round but it hasn't affected the flight of the ball very much, if at all. They are more expensive but if they last, it's worth it.

    Greg G

  • Selkirk Pro S1 pickleball

    Dec 5, 2023

    Too hard, too fast, less spin. Great durability.***PBC Response*** Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! Every ball is not designed for every player or environment. Please reach out to our customer service team by phone or email for more information on how to return these with in 30days . - Anastasia, PBC Team


  • Selkirk Pro S1 ball

    Dec 5, 2023

    Have used this ball twice for about two hours each time in temps around mid 30’s without a fracture. Ball plays a little different than the X-40 - harder and heavier but still excellent for play.

    Tom Rowe

  • Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleballs

    Dec 3, 2023

    No cracking in cold weather so far. Seams a lot durable than other brands.

    Gordon Hosmer

  • Selkirk pickleballs

    Dec 3, 2023

    Amazing! A friend fell on the ball and crushed it. Yikes. He was fine! I put the ball in my backpack and an hour or so when I took it out at home, it had puffed out to its original shape. Been playing with it at least 10 more days. It’s as good as new. It plays IMHO as well as the Dura and Franklin.


  • S1 pickleball

    Dec 2, 2023

    Played 90 games before it cracked, break all other balls every 15 games

    Jack Miller

  • Great Balls!!

    Nov 24, 2023

    Early review - wanted a ball that could "take the cold." Played 2 hours with some today - sr=trating temp was 27˚! No failures (unlike our previous favorite Franklin X-40). May go to this for our club.

    Ken Brummel-Smith