Rally Deluxe Replacement Net

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This is the replacement net for the Rally Deluxe Portable Net System. Also fits the Picklenet portable or USAPA portable frame.

Rally Deluxe Replacement Net

The Rally Deluxe Replacement Net is the perfect way to give your Rally Deluxe Portable Pickleball Net System a new coat of paint, so to speak. It is identical to the original net that was included in the net system, so there should be no doubt as to whether this net will be a suitable replacement. Your portable pickleball net system will look good as new by simply swapping out the tired net for this brand spanking new one.

The Rally Deluxe Replacement Net is made of the exact same high-quality materials as the original net. The net is made from the same extremely durable black nylon netting which will hold up for countless pickleball games. The white band which runs down either side of the net keeps the net from fraying and increases the net’s longevity. Black Velcro is attached to the top of each side which works to keep the net taut and at the correct height. “PickleballCentral” is branded in orange text down the white sidebands to help you remember where you purchased this net. The flat center net support rod is included with this replacement net.

Purchasing a Rally Deluxe Replacement Net is a surefire way to keep your net looking good as new for as long as you own it.

Note: This replacement net fits OVAL post model. You may receive either logo version pictured.


Regulation size net measures 22' x 34"