PickleballCentral Permanent Net (36" height)

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36" high permanent net features steel top cable and heavy-duty materials for long-lasting use. Designed for use with PickleballCentral Heavy-Duty and Standard Net Posts.

PickleballCentral 36" Tall Permanent Pickleball Net

The PickleballCentral 36" Tall Permanent Pickleball Net is compatible with the PickleballCentral Standard and Heavy-Duty Pickleball Posts. This net has specially-designed hooks that are compatible with the unique crank system found only on the PickleballCentral Permanent Posts. This net is meant for use only with permanent, in-ground posts. The heavy-duty materials promise to stand the test of time. While this net is made from resilient materials, it can become damaged if introduced to extreme weather conditions or left outside for extended periods of time.

The PickleballCentral Net measures 21' 9" wide by 36" tall, and is comprised of durable materials including 3mm braided polyethylene. The top ridge of the net is hugged by a pure white 23-ounce vinyl headband, which protects the integrity of the net. A 27' long steel cable runs inside of the band, and neatly attaches to the PickleballCentral Posts. There is approximately 30" of cable on either side of the net outside of the headband. A 1/2" diameter fiberglass dowel slides through the vertical pockets at each of the two ends of the net to maintain its shape.

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Customer Reviews

PickleballCentral Pickleball Net
Reviewer: Margaret Zimmerman from Bear Lake, MI United States
The steel cable in the top of this net should prove superior to any nylon/dacron line exposed to the elements outside. We're extremely happy. The net could be a tad narrower as it drags on the court at 36/34" as the game specifies, but the quality of the net is really heavy duty.

Pickleball Net
Reviewer: Michael Smith from Phoenix, AZ United States
You got us introduced to Pickle Ball. We enjoy the game and you made it easy. Your web site was user friendly, your quick delivery was appreciated and the equipment we received works perfectly. everything worked the way it is suppose to. Thanks to you and your organization.


PickleballCentral Permanent Pickleball Net (36" height) Technical Specifications
Official Size: 21' 9" W x 36" H
Does not include (or require) a center strap
3mm Braided Polyethylene
23oz Vinyl Headband
27' Steel Cable (approximately 30" of cable on each side of net for attaching to posts)
1/2" Fiberglass Dowels

Begin installation by connecting the loop end of the net cable to the post cleat. Take the other cable loop, hook it into the pin on the crank assembly, and begin winding. Continue to crank the post so that the net is at 34” at the center of the court. Fit Dowels/side stakes into the side pockets of the nets. Install lacing cord at each end by making a 2” knotted loop on one end of the lacing cord. Run the other end through both grommets in the headband and around the post through the 2” loop, and back around the post in the opposite direction. Continue wrapping the cord around the post, and tie off the cord at the bottom of the post. Repeat for the other post. When you are finished, the net should be fully extended so that it completely fills in the space between the two posts. During the off-season or when winterizing your courts, remove the net. Your installation is now complete, and your PickleballCentral Net should sit comfortably but somewhat tightly between the two posts with a very small gap between the net and net posts.