Pickleball Trivia Game - 1st Edition

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Enjoy quizzing yourself and friends on the finer points of pickleball, its history, and its players. Five categories to test your knowledge with 500 cards total to explore.

Pickleball Trivia Game - First Edition

The 1st Edition Pickleball Trivia Game is a fantastic way to extend your time with friends after matches, or whenever you want to have a little more fun while learning more about the sport of pickleball. This is a card-based game that focuses on questions regarding five different categories: history, players, tournaments, rules, and wildcard. Players roll a die to select which topic they'll be quizzed on, and are then timed and given points for each correct answer. Questions are multiple choice so when you aren't certain of the answer, take a guess and hope for the best!

The Pickleball Trivia Game can be played one on one, or in teams, so everyone can get involved. The first side to score 21 points wins. Each box comes with an instruction manual, score pad, one minute timer, a die, and 500 total cards. There are 96 standard cards and 4 wildcards for each topic, so there's plenty of opportunity to get stumped or surprise people with your pickleball genius. Seize the opportunity to prove you're a pickleball know-it-all and bask in the bragging rights, or up the stakes by betting that the loser pays for your next post-game snack.

The Pickleball Trivia Game - First Edition will provide hours of fun and time to socialize while expanding your pickleball knowledge base.


Pickleball Trivia Game - First Edition
First Edition Boxed Set
500 total cards
Wildcards included in each of 5 categories
96 trivia cards + 4 wildcards for each category
Categories: history, players, tournaments, rules, and wildcard
1 Die - roll to select the category of questions for the round
1 Minute sand timer
60 sheet score pad (30 sheets front and back)
Instruction manual
Box dimensions: 8.5" x 4.5" x 3"