Rulebook - Official Tournament, Revised January 2024

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Every pickleball player needs a great spiral-bound reference book to have while on the pickleball court. The next time there's a rule debate, pull out this book to end it.

Official Pickleball Rulebook- Revised January 2024

The Official Tournament Rulebook contains every rule set forth for the game of Pickleball by the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAP). The USAP is the national governing body of Pickleball in the USA and provides players with official rules and details on tournaments and rankings. This book will surely end any and all rule disputes that may arise during recreational and tournament pickleball play.

The Official Tournament Rulebook is the perfect size to slip into your pickleball tote. It’s a mere 3.5 ounces and is a small 5” wide by 7” high. Every player needs a copy of this book to put out any heated arguments that start during a pickleball game. This book includes the rules of every aspect of the game including equipment, court dimension, service rules, fault rules, non-volley zone rules and so much more. There’s also a section dedicated to sanctioned tournament conduct.

The Official Tournament Rulebook is any pickleball player’s lifeline during rule disagreements.

official rules
Reviewer: Duane Beeman from Springville, NY United States
Great book all the rules explained.

Pickleball Rule Book
Reviewer: Marilyn Taylor from Memphis, TN United States
Easy to read and understand with lots of useful information for tournament play.

Good value
Reviewer: Elizabeth Conklin from Madison, WI United States
Pickleball rules explained simply - easy to understand. Separate section for tournaments. Like the fact that it's spiral bound - easier to look something up during a game. Shipped quickly. Nice value for the price.

Official Rulebook
Reviewer: Linda Berlin from Au Gres, MI United States
Clear and concise.