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From it's very beginning, Pickleball Now has been a company on the move, constantly innovating new paddle designs and new products for pickleball. Their adventuresome spirit, creativity and innovation set them apart from other manufacturers. The company was the first to manufacture an edgeless pickleball paddle that wasn't a wood paddle, also the first to put colorful graphic designs on wooden paddles. They were the first to experiment with super wide and super long paddles, and they have built a line of paddles that had a balsa wood core and an aluminum skin! Pickleball Now was founded by two friends (Tom Wheeler and Tim Finger) who loved the sport and wanted to build some unique paddles. Pickleball Now was based in St. George, Utah, a pickleball hot spot. In 2014, the company was acquired by Escalade Sports - an international sporting goods corporation based in Evansville, Indiana.

Pickleball Paddles From Pickleball Now

We think the new ownership will improve paddle production at Pickleball Now. We expect to see new paddles with terrific graphics and we expect that their production volumes will increase as pickleball grows. Their parent company, Escalade, has the experience and capacity to produce equipment on a large scale. We encourage you to check out the options we are carrying. We are now pleased to offer the following paddles:

Club Wood – The most colorful wood paddle on the market. This paddle comes in eight bright and unique designs. The styles vary from light blue delicate butterflies to bold, yellow and black avant-garde styles. The fun graphics, and the fact that they are wood and practically indestructible, make this paddle a great choice for kids.

Classic Light – Who puts a big ladybug on the face of a pickleball paddle? Pickleball Now, that's who! Check out the ladybug and the other wonderful designs on the Classic Lite paddle. This paddle has an aluminum honeycomb core and fiberglass skin with a vinyl decal decorating the face. We consider it a Heavyweight paddle.