Pickleball Medal

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Pickleball Medal

The Pickleball Medal allows you to award skilled players with some recognition when they win a tournament. Perfect for handing out to winners of competitions, or if you simply feel someone in your pickleball community has made contributions that go above and beyond. These medals have noticeable weight to them and offer a clean, polished look. They're a great size; not too big and bulky, but large enough to draw admiring gazes.

The Pickleball Medal is approximately 2-1/2" tall and comes attached to a ribbon of yellow approximately 30" in length via two jump rings. It provides plenty of room to drape over the heads of players. On the front of the medal is a pickleball player dressed in shorts, sneakers, tank top and a cap. They lean down to return a bouncing pickleball with paddle in hand. The ball is subtly highlighted in yellow, giving it just enough "pop" so it stands out from the rest of the design.

The Pickleball Medal is a beautiful way to honor players with a lasting memento. Comes in bronze, silver and gold.