OS1st AS6 Performance Arm Sleeve

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Reducing pain from pickleball elbow and/or weakened forearms. Stays in place and uses silver ion tech to prevent odors and sweat build up. Sizes S-XL.

OS1st AS6 Performance Arm Sleeve

The OS1st AS6 Performance Arm Sleeve uses a six-zone compression system to boost circulation and muscle recovery. It can be used to reduce elbow pain, support the forearm and strengthen tendons. The construction uses a thin and moisture-wicking material that prevents damp skin, plus the addition of silver ion technology minimizes odor while providing antimicrobial properties.

The OS1st AS6 Performance Arm Sleeve is compact enough to be worn underneath clothing, however it also protects against sun damage if the wearer’s arm is exposed. It is a great choice to treat pickleball/tennis elbow and other frustrating, persistent aches. It is designed to stay in place for use both on and off the courts.

The OS1st AS6 Performance Arm Sleeve has a convenient style and will improve your performance and comfort.


OS1st AS6 Performance Arm Sleeve Technical Specifications
Supports larger Muscles and Tendons
Strengthens Forearm and Elbow
Stay-in-place Construction
Protects Against Sun Damage
Easy-On and Easy-Off Design

Targeted Conditions:
Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow)
General Elbow Pain
Sun Protection
Arm and Elbow Support
Increased Visibility