OS1st AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve

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A sleeve design that offers kinesiology tape benefits without the waste. Moisture-wicking material and seven zones of compression for pain relief. Sizes S-XXL.

OS1st AF7 Ankle Bracing Compression Sleeve

The AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve from OS1st serves as reusable kinesiology tape for your ankles. The K-Zone technology provides many of the same benefits such as reduced swelling, better balance and enhanced stabilization without needing to take the time to actually wrap your feet. Its nylon material also results in less movement restriction so you can easily wear it during activities.

The AF7 Ankle Sleeve has a seamless construction and moisture-wicking properties so players stay comfortable during use. It supports weak ankles and reduces pain from general swelling and Achilles tendonitis. There are seven compression zones which target the different needs of the body for improved circulation, comfort, and pain relief.

The AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve from OS1st offers all-in-one ankle relief with the reliability of a long-lasting design.


OS1st AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve Technical Specifications
Anatomical Left and Right Design for Perfect Fit
Provides Medial and Lateral Stabilization
Aids Balance and Fall Prevention
Reduces Swelling
Medical Grade Support
Patented Compression Zone Technology
Seamless Construction
Durable Nylon Construction
Flexible Fit for Continuous Support, Day or Night

Targeted Conditions:
Minor Ankle Injuries
Weak Ankles
Swollen or Painful Ankles