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Lightweight Pickleball Net

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If you already have some poles but need a net, here's an affordable way to set up pickleball play. It has black lightweight netting with a white vinyl headband.

Lightweight Pickleball Net

The Lightweight Pickleball Net is a simple, no-fuss solution for players who need to set up an impromptu court on the go. This net is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal to bring on trips or to a friend’s house so you can introduce them to the game. This net doesn’t come with any additional system or sleeves, meaning you’ll need to tie it to pre-existing posts or put together makeshift supports using whatever’s at hand.

The Lightweight Pickleball Net is large enough to fill a standard pickleball court and has an additional 18” of rope at each end to tie it in place. The netting is black with a white overlay stitched over the top and bottom. The words “Pickleball Inc.” and the company’s logo are written in dark green along the sides of the net.

The Lightweight Pickleball Net is an affordable and flexible net that will allow you to start up a game no matter where you wander.


Size: 21' x 30' with 1/2' mesh
18" rope on each side