JOOLA Perseus Hat

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Athletic pickleball-specific hat boasting a lightweight material, mesh panels, a micro-mesh headband, and a reliably stretchy closure.

JOOLA Perseus Pickleball Hat

Dress like the best, play like the best, we think the JOOLA may be on to something with the JOOLA Perseus Hat. The lightweight synthetic materials and mesh back panels of this hat wick sweat and dry quickly so that we can focus on making our game, always chasing the best.

The Perseus Hat from JOOLA also boasts a micro-mesh headband to keep sweat out of our eyes, while the stretchy elastic closure keeps it in place without pinching our head. In addition to all of its moisture controlling athletic properties, the JOOLA logo and Perseus Logo shows everyone we have a great taste in paddles.


JOOLA Perseus Hat Technical Specifications
Lightweight Synthetic Materials
Micro-mesh Headband
Mesh Back Panels
Stretchy Elastic Closure
JOOLA Trinity J Embossed Logo
Perseus Logo on Side

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