JOOLA Heleus Pickleballs

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40-hole pattern based on the Fibonacci Sphere Algorithm and engineered for liveliness, consistency of flight, and durability. Bright yellow color for great visibility, available in 4-, 12-, 25-, and 100-packs.

JOOLA Heleus Outdoor Pickleballs

Leveraging 70+ years of table tennis ball expertise, and engineered for performance, the JOOLA Heleus Pickleball thrives on outdoor pickleball courts regardless of the temperature and weather conditions. The polyethylene construction of this ball bounces consistently in warm conditions and resists cracking and deforming when temperatures drop. The 74mm diameter of this ball features a 40-hole pattern, based on the Fibonacci Sphere Algorithm, that are precisely placed equidistantly for extra flight consistency when the wind whips. Weight is 26g, consistent with USA Pickleball standards, which further promotes reliable performance every time you head to the pickleball courts.

The Heleus Pickleball from JOOLA meets USA Pickleball Specifications for size, weight, and rebound so you can use them to improve your skills when drilling, while teaching your friends a lesson on a fun afternoon, or hitting a devastating serve in a tournament final.


JOOLA Heleus Pickleball Technical Specifications
Weight: 26g
Diameter: 74mm
Holes: 40
Colors: Yellow
Construction: Polyethylene
Approved: Meets USA Pickleball Specifications
Made in China