Heritage Pickle-ball

Heritage Pickle-ball Visor

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Low profile pickleball visor designed with retro-branding, an athletic moisture-wicking fabric, and adjustable closure.

Heritage Pickle-ball Visor

Few pieces of headwear are as reliable and universally loved as the visor. We designed the Heritage Pickle-ball Visor to provide the performance and comfort that visors are known for, but with a throwback style that shows your love for the roots of pickleball. The Heritage Pickle-ball branding looks great today and would have looked just as good when the game was invented.

Backing up the generational-spanning style of the Heritage Pickle-ball Visor are athletic-conscious features that allow it to thrive on the court. The performance polyester fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly while we play, the hook-and-loop closure locks in a precise fit that promotes movement, and the low-profile design adds comfort from first serve to match point.


Heritage Pickle-ball Visor Technical Specifications
Performance Polyester Fabric
Low Profile
Hook-and-loop Elastic Closure
Heritage Pickle-ball Branding