GAMMA Librarian Foam Pickleball

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Quiet foam pickleball developed for consistent play with noise restraints. Designed with a true bounce, 2.91” diameter, and bright yellow color for visibility.

GAMMA Librarian Quiet Foam Pickleball

Don’t let the name scare you, there will be no assigned reading. The GAMMA Librarian Foam Pickleball is designed to help avid pickleball enthusiasts play in their backyard or other noise sensitive areas without bothering neighbors or sacrificing performance.

Constructed from a durable foam material, the Librarian Pickleball from GAMMA Sports forgoes holes but offers a true-to-feel bounce and size for consistent play. While you serve, smash, and dink, this ball will create less than 60db of noise, equal to quiet conversation, meaning the only thing loud about this ball is the bright yellow color.


GAMMA Librarian Foam Pickleball Technical Specifications
Weight: 0.847oz
Diameter: 2.91”
Bounce: True
Holes: None
Colors: Bright Yellow
Construction: Foam