GAMMA Hi-Tech Gel Pickleball Grip

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Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Pickleball Grip

If you’re searching for a grip that will make your hands want to sing songs of joy, check out the Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Pickleball Grip. This grip features a thin layer of Zorbicon gel within the two sides of this of uber-comfortable grip. Your hands will never want to hold another pickleball paddle after playing only a short time with this one. Each grip measures 31”, the ideal length for a pickleball paddle grip. Because it has been cut specifically for pickleball, there’s no need to trim off extra length.

If extra-cushion isn’t enough, Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Pickleball Grip also features a highly tacky surface which increases the control and handing of your pickleball paddle. The tackiness ensures your paddle remains firmly in your grasp. The cushion gel reduces vibrations, which in turn may reduce the chance of developing tennis elbow.

The Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Pickleball Grip is the most comfortable grip on the market. Just try it and see for yourself.