Evoke Pro Composite Paddle

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This paddle is great for intermediate to advanced players who want more power. Slightly heavier than its predecessor.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

ONIX Evoke Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

The Evoke Pro Composite Paddle has top-notch touch and a composite face that will help produce extra spin on your hits. If you enjoy the control polymer cores offer but think they lack the "feel" of other paddles, this offers a more versatile option. The wider body provides an ample sweet spot with a responsive quality, yet it will still dampen the impact of slams and tricky shots.

The Evoke Pro Composite Paddle has a 8 1/16" width and medium-sized grip that will suit most players. It has a subtle design in lime green curving along the left edge of the paddle with ONIX's logo partially revealed on the right. It weights 7.8 - 8.2 oz. The handle length is slightly above average to provide extra room to maneuver the grip.

The Evoke Pro Composite Paddle is the right choice for players who "want it all" when it comes to quality and crave that reactive feel.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".


Evoke Pro Composite Paddle Technical Specifications
Weight Average: 8.0 ounce
Weight Range: 7.8-8.2 ounce
Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Grip Tack: High
Grip Style: Perforated Cushion grip
Grip Manufacturer: ONIX Superior Tacky Grip
Handle Length: 5"
Paddle Length: 15 1/2"
Paddle Width: 8 1/16"
Paddle Face Finish: Fiberglass
Core Material: Polymer honeycomb
Edge Guard: 1/8" overlapping paddle face
Manufacturer: ONIX Sports
This model is manufactured in both Mexico and China

Reviews (31)

  • Nice wide body

    Apr 11, 2023

    I've only played my Evoke Pro twice, but think I will like it. (that's why only 4 stars--need some more experience with it. I like the grip thickness (4 1/4) and the wide body. Its shape is very similiar to my old Topp paddle which is still a good paddle--mybe I just needed a new toy!


  • Like it!

    Aug 1, 2022

    Great response off the face, good weight.


  • Loving my paddle

    Dec 17, 2021

    The Evoke Pro has a nice touch and the grip shape is very comfortable. I love the softer feel and ball response. Its a great fit for adding pwoer and spin.


  • Evoke Paddle

    Dec 1, 2021

    Exactly what I was looking for at a good price

    Robert M McGowan

  • Medium weight

    Aug 20, 2021

    Great paddle for social play

    Donna Sheldrake

  • Great initial impression

    Aug 6, 2021

    Like the spin capabilities. Need more play time

    Mark Dunn

  • Evoke Pro

    Aug 3, 2021

    I am a reasonably competitive recreational player. I have been using a nicer $60 Rally racket for the past 2 years. I just bought the $100 Evoke Pro racket. Big Big difference in touch and ability to spin it. Took me a couple games to get used to the racket and use to its full advantage. Wow, I did not think a new racket would be this much different than the one I have been using. love the purple graphics too!

    dana wilson

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Jun 17, 2021

    Lars Petersson

  • Shipping

    Dec 18, 2020

    Very pleased with the timeliness of my purchase.

    Ralph Hartnagel

  • Upgraded paddle

    Nov 22, 2020

    I have only used the new one for about two weeks. Seems fine, unsure if better that cheaper previous onyx.