Yodeling Pickle

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Yodelayheehoo! He sings out loud and clear. A simple push of a button and this pickle yodels and your friends crack up! Be the funniest gal or guy with this silly pickle.

Yodeling Pickle

What better way to announce your love for the sport of pickleball than with the charming sound of a yodeling pickle? This Electronic Yodeling Pickle’s song is battery powered, and begins with the press of the button on his stomach.

This little pickle that yodels is a fantastic novelty item to have in your home. He’s sure to make all of your guests smile and laugh. This little guy is motion sensored, ensuring that no one can sneak around undetected. He does have an On/Off switch, just in case you ever need to pause his beautiful song. Batteries are included in the packaging.

This life-size pickle measures 6-1/2” long and 4” wide. Don’t try to eat him though- he’s for display and entertainment only.

The yodeling pickle is a whimsical gift for all the fun-loving pickleball players (or pickle-lovers!) in your life.