Diadem Paddle Cover

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A zippered cover to protect your paddles, made from thick neoprene material to keep your gear looking and playing its best. Offered in two sizes.

Diadem Paddle Cover

The Diadem Paddle Cover is a must-have accessory for players who want to keep their equipment safe on the go, or even when stashing it at home. The zippered design keeps your paddle's face in top condition despite any movement in bags or backpacks on the way to the courts. Players can show off their favorite brand and maintain a consistent look with their accessories.

The Diadem Paddle Cover has a black background with the manufacturer's name and logo shown in a teal color in the center. It is made with thick neoprene so that your gear will not be damaged even if it bumps into other items with sharper edges. The cover is available in both a standard and extra-large (coming soon) size for those who have a more elongated paddle.

The Diadem Paddle Cover is a simple and handy accessory that goes a long way to maintaining peace of mind.


Measures 12 inches long x 9-1/2 inches wide (Standard size), or 13 inches long x 9-1/2 inches wide (X-Large size).

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  • Diadem cover

    May 24, 2022

    Nice paddle cover gor my warrior paddle. The teal on the cover matches my paddle

    Carolyn Horensky