Welcome to the World of Heritage Pickle-ball

by Patrick Moore on Oct 3, 2023

Welcome to the World of Heritage Pickle-ball

Introducing Heritage Pickle-ball

It is here! We are proud to introduce Heritage Pickle-ball, a brand that pays homage to the history of the game and honors what it has grown into today by infusing it with trendsetting styles and innovation.

With our initial release we have compiled a collection of items that allow you to show your love of the game while you are hanging out with friends or working up a sweat on the court.

Check out Heritage Pickle-ball and Pickleball Central to keep up with the latest Heritage styles.

Heritage Pickle-ball

The Decades Collection 1960’s:

To keep this line cohesive, we focused on the era in which the game was invented, the 60’s. While we skipped the bell bottoms, we drew inspiration from the famous Bauhaus movement and the all-around groovy vibes that the decade is remembered for.

Whether you are a diehard player or just a fan of the game, this collection will have something for you! To help introduce you to the line we selected some staff favorites:

See something you like? We hope so, but if not, shop the entire collection!

Heritage Pickle-ball

What’s Next for Heritage Pickle-ball:

At Heritage Pickle-ball we believe the possibilities are endless, just like your love for the game. We're serving up excitement, style and innovation like never before.

Stick around for exclusive paddle releases and fun apparel that you can wear on and off the court. From groovy designs to eye-catching accessories like hats, socks, and more!

Buckle up because we are just getting started, we're always exploring new horizons, experimenting with fresh designs, and finding ways to make your pickleball journey unforgettable! The future is bright, you'll want to see what's next!

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