TechTalk: Sustainable Innovation with Revolin Sports

Apr 17, 2024

TechTalk: Sustainable Innovation with Revolin Sports

In celebration of Earth Month, Pickleball Central is proud to shine a spotlight on one of our partners, Revolin Sports, and their unwavering commitment to sustainability. At Pickleball Central, we believe in the power of collaboration to make a positive impact on our planet, and Revolin Sports exemplifies this ethos with their innovative approach to eco-friendly manufacturing and production practices. Join us as we delve into the world of Revolin Sports and discover how their dedication to sustainability is reshaping the landscape of the sports industry.

Revolin commits to planting 5 trees with One Tree Planted for each paddle sold at Pickleball Central in the month of April 2024 in honor of Earth Month.

Even though it’s Earth Day, why should it matter how eco-friendly a pickleball paddle is?

At Revolin Sports, we believe in always doing our best, on and off the court. As obsessive engineers and pickleball fanatics, our mission is clear: craft the ultimate pickleball paddles. But here's the deal – every product, even pickleball paddles, leaves a mark on the environment. We're doing our part to shrink that footprint. Why? Because our alternative materials, responsible processes, and dedication to building paddles that last is good for the earth AND freaking awesome for us players. Who doesn’t want a high-quality paddle that lasts?

How does Revolin Sports integrate sustainability into product development and manufacturing?

At Revolin Sports, we're all about crafting top-notch pickleball paddles while keeping it green. We start by opting for natural, recyclable alternatives wherever possible, with an impressive 80% of our raw materials coming from the US, reducing transportation emissions and supporting local businesses. During manufacturing, we minimize waste and repurpose excess materials for testing things like more vibrant inks and grittier textures.

Last, but certainly not least, we focus on making durable paddles people love. Each new paddle undergoes serious lab and court testing with at least 60 prototypes intentionally beaten up and evaluated by our internal and ambassador teams. We learned that prioritizing quality and durability cuts down on the need for frequent replacements, decreasing waste and conserving resources. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Can you elaborate on the eco-friendly materials used in Revolin Sports' pickleball paddles, which are available on

This is our favorite topic! We’re total material science nerds. From day one we’ve strived to replace the most pollutive materials in pickleball paddles with natural, low-waste alternatives whenever possible - even our recyclable packaging is printed with algae ink! When we haven’t found suitable alternatives, we’ve invented our own like BioFLX™ and LavaFLX™.

BioFLX™, the star face material in our Revo Series, is made from flax and hemp plants and has a 90% smaller carbon footprint than traditional paddle face materials. It also dampens vibrations! Our volcanic rock material (yes, from real volcanoes), LavaFLX™, gives our Revo Pro Series its signature pop and takes way less energy to process than fibers from fossil fuels. We’re still far from perfect, but our team is always looking to reduce emissions and improve performance.  

How does Revolin Sports envision the future of sustainable innovation within the sports equipment industry, and what steps are they taking to lead the way in this regard?

Athletes today want gear that respects our planet, and Revolin is stepping up. For the past eight years, we’ve tested hundreds of different natural material combinations to prove that we don’t need as many fossil fuels to make high-performance pickleball paddles. Although we’re far from our goal, we’ve made the biggest strides in the industry. We’re excited to build on this success by developing new technologies to make even better paddles and helping others do the same in pickleball and beyond. 

As we commemorate Earth Month, let's continue to support brands like Revolin Sports that are leading the way towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can harness the power of sport to drive positive change and inspire others to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. Thank you for joining us in celebrating Revolin Sports and their commitment to sustainability. To explore their range of eco-friendly products and join the movement towards a greener tomorrow, visit today. Happy Earth Day!