Products to Stay Warm While You’re Playing Pickleball in the Winter

by laurapbc on Feb 13, 2019

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If you’re determined to play pickleball outdoors when the temperature has dipped below most people’s comfort level, PickleballCentral has several options that will help you endure the cold. Take a look at our offerings and see if any of the apparel or accessories can support your temperature-defying activities!

Pickleball Sport Beanie

This attractive beanie is made from an acrylic fabric and has “Pickleball” and its date of establishment printed in the center of the design. Our heads are more sensitive to temperature changes than most other areas of the body, so it will go a long way to helping you feel warmer and cozier by keeping it protected from the chill.

Polar Tack Gloves

As of this publishing date, our Polar Tack Gloves are currently on clearance pricing (only $19.99 from their usual $34.99), so they’re a great buy if you’re looking to keep your hands protected on a budget. The gloves’ palm and fingers use sheepskin to create a wonderfully soft feel while also improving performance. A fleece backing and lining keep you insulated in addition to a wrist strap that prevents heat from leaving.

Hot Glove Mitt

The Hot Glove Mitt is entirely made of fleece and perfect for players who still want to be able to grip their paddle directly without dealing with frosty fingers. With this product, your paddle’s handle slips directly into the mitt with your hand so you can enjoy the full tactile sensation of having contact with your grip.

USAPA Discover Pullover

This pullover provides excellent insulation and style. The polyester is also ideal for wicking sweat away from the body, meaning you stay dry without sacrificing comfort. The sharp design also includes several zipped pockets so you can store accessories (or a hand warmer!) on your person.

Impact Pullover

Our Impact Pullover is a popular piece that adds an extra layer of coziness to your outfit. It uses a polyester material like the Discover to keep sweat from weighing you down during play. The mandarin collar adds a little more protection around your neck while the zipper can be kept up at the start of the match and lowered as you begin to heat up.

Impact Pullover Impact Pullover (Women's / Men's)

What are your must-haves for the winter season when you're taking to the courts? Any special products you'd like to see to better handle the weather?