Pickleball is a Baby

by pickleballfun on Jun 3, 2016

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We estimate that pickleball is maybe a 25 million dollar industry. According to a recent report by the Tennis Industry Association, tennis in the USA is a $5.57 billion dollar business.

Think about it. Tennis is everywhere. I bet most homes have at least one tennis racket stored in the garage or attic. How many parks in your town have at least one tennis court?  Now think about pickleball. Very few people have even heard of our beloved sport. Courts are few and far between.  As much as pickleball is growing, it's still a baby. It hasn't reached it's tipping point where its part of main stream culture. This is terribly exciting because there's so much opportunity for growth and we early adopters get to watch it grow. We are the early pioneers of pickleball. History is being made and we're a part of it. Over the next couple of years we get to watch the world fall in love with pickleball.

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