Newest Premium SwiftNet System Introduces Lighter, More Durable Design

by laurapbc on Jun 29, 2018

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The SwiftNet Portable Net System is the brainchild of environmentally-conscious engineers and pro picklers hungry for better equipment. For the first time, a portable net exists that performs more like permanent counterparts, and all at an incredibly light weight.

The SwiftNet was developed in collaboration with the CRTC (Carbon Recycling Technology Center), the same group supplying materials for the Swift 2.0 Paddle, and is made with aerospace-grade carbon fiber entirely made in the USA.

Light Weight, Sturdy Form

At approximately 14 lbs, the SwiftNet is a far cry from other systems averaging around 30 lbs. Players can literally pick up the entire system to maneuver it around the court without breaking a sweat, and taking it with you during travel is a snap.

Despite its feather weight, the SwiftNet has been shown to perform similarly to other portable nets when it comes to standing strong in wind and other blustery weather conditions.

Reliable Precision

Another notable feature is its ability to maintain form over time. After extended use many nets end up developing a “camel-like” shape as the top cord loosens and sags between the center and side posts.

In contrast, the SwiftNet uses a curved boom to provide support while the cord tension stays strong regardless of how long its used. Our Pickleball Station facility has been using the prototype for this net for the past 6 months, and the SwiftNet has been proven to keep its shape despite jostling and impact.


To learn more about the features noted above and hear about the 7 main limitations the SwiftNet has addressed with its design, watch the video below to see pickleball champion Glen Peterson walk you through its many perks:

The SwiftNet is a tournament-quality system that has tackled long-standing issues in the industry to create a nearly flawless design.

As noted on our product page, we've been able to put these nets together in less than 2 minutes. When arranged, the feet are minimal enough to prevent players from tripping or having to play around them, and the small center support won't cause mis-hits like a center post.

Since the top cord and tape of these nets are so taut, you don't have to worry about balls 'walking the tape' and can enjoy the sturdiness of a permanent net without the drawbacks of price and weight.

If you've been craving a net that's quick to set up, easy to move and made to last, the SwiftNet is the perfect solution. Order yours today to get $50 off the MSRP (for a limited time only), and enjoy great savings on the last net you'll ever need!