Meet the Pros: Pickleball Prodigy William Sobek

by pickleballfun on Aug 31, 2016

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The U. S. Open provided plenty of opportunity to meet and greet some of the best.  Here is our interview of William Sobek who was the youngest player at the U. S. Open this last April. Enjoy!

Interview Transcript:

William: My name is William Sobeck.

Interviewer: And where are you from William?

William: I am from Key West, Florida.

Interviewer: And how old are you, William?

William: I am 11 years old.

Interviewer: And (what) school do you go to?

William: I go to HOB. Yeah, it’s right next to Bayfield Park.

Interviewer: What grade are you in?

William: Sixth.

Interviewer: So we are here at the US Open Pickleball championship in Maples, Florida and you just competed here. Can you tell us what the level of play was like?

William: Well, it was very difficult, because you got to make that forehand, like that spin and it keeps on jumping and I am like little, little, so I really can’t get it that well.

Interviewer: Are you the youngest player here?

William: Yes.

Interviewer: Yeah, I saw you in the crowd… what type of paddles do you like?

William: I play with Pro-Lite.

Interviewer: What is it about that you like about the Pro-Lite?

William: Umm… well, I am sponsored by Pro-Lite.

Interviewer: How did you get into Pickleball?

William: Well, umm… when I was 4, well I was 4 and a half. My parents made me play tennis and our friend Colleen, she brought pickleball to the beach and she told us to play, so we play and well that is how I started playing pickleball.

Interviewer: And how much do you play pickleball?

William: Well… we were preparing for this tournament, so it was before school on Mon., Wed., and Thurs. and we also played on Saturdays.

Interviewer: And who do you play with?

William: Well I play with adults, mostly, because there are no other kids. Like I am the only kid.

Interviewer: Do you like playing pickleball?

William: YEAH. It’s very fun!

Interviewer: Is this your first big competition?

William: No. This is my third competition, outside of Key West. My first one was Canadian Nationals and I got 1st place. Second place I got two silvers and one bronze and this my third.

Interviewer: Congratulations!

Interviewer: So you are William’s parents? How did you guys get involved?

William’s Parent’s: Exactly how William said. We started to play and have been playing, playing, playing.

Interviewer: Thank you guys, I wish you the best of luck. I am so proud of you, it’s like a new generation of pickleball and such a bright future for you in pickleball.

William: Thanks!