Meet The Pros - DeeAnne Davison

by elizaled on Feb 16, 2018

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Meet the Pros DeeAnne Davison

Dee Davison DeeAnne Davison

DeeAnne 'Dee' Davison leapfrogged from competitor to tournament organizer and full time pickleball instructor in a relatively short period of time. You have to respect a person who starts out giving back in a big way. Enjoy!

Can you list for us your major wins so we can correctly introduce you to our readers?

2015 -- USAPA Nationals -- 4th Place Mixed Doubles 35+ with Rob Davidson
2012 -- Grand Canyon State Games -- Bronze in Mixed Doubles 4.5 with Troy Horton
2012 -- Grand Canyon State Games -- Bronze in Mixed Doubles Age 35-49 with Troy Horton

What paddle do you play with and why?

I play with the new Selkirk AMPED S2. The paddle has great control, power, consistency… with a beautiful touch! As an International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) Certified Instructor, I teach in indoor and outdoor venues.

I use a variety of pickleballs available on the market today. I believe this paddle neutralizes the ball controversy! Therefore, I can forget about the extreme property differences of the balls (too soft, too much bounce, too hard) and just concentrate on perfecting my stroke pattern and approach to the ball.

What s your pickleball story? How were you introduced to pickleball?

In September 2011, I moved to Sun City Festival in Buckeye, Arizona. That is where I discovered pickleball. My passion for pickleball was ignited when my community hosted the USAPA Nationals in November. In February 2012, Troy Horton invited me to partner with him for the Grand Canyon State Games in Arizona. We medaled in both events and I was hooked.

Just playing the game was not enough! In 2012, I started the player development program at Sun City Festival with a group of 40 ladies, meeting twice a week. Today, I’m proud to say, we have a strong player development program for all skill levels. Next, leveraging my business management experience, I solicited and coordinated volunteers for the 2012 & 2013 USAPA Nationals at Sun City Festival. Fast forward, I started my own business, Pickleball Dee and became an IPTPA Certified Instructor. I am currently the Co-Tournament Director of the Coeur d’Alene Classic and  the Pickleball Pro tournament at Victorium in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Whats your preference -- playing indoor or outdoor?

I love both because the challenges are different. For indoor play, you have to deal with facility variances like multiple lines, color schemes and floor surfaces. For outdoor play, you are dealing with the elements - sun, wind and temperature.

Do you like singles or doubles better? Why?

I prefer to play doubles, as it is a team effort, but will practice singles to improve my game.

Whats your favorite place to play? Why?

Dee Davison, Shonda Davidson, Tonja Major and Lynn Syler Dee Davison, Shonda Davidson, Tonja Major and Lynn Syler

Anywhere there's a pickleball court and people ready to play!

Whats your secret sauce? Any tips for players?

I asked my friends to describe my secret sauce... they said: Sweet & Spicy (Sweet Dee delivers the Spicy Spin) or the Naughty No Look! And my tips for players:
Tip 1: Have FUN!
Tip 2: Always work to improve your game—one skill at a time!

Whats your day job?

Teaching pickleball!

How many hours a week do you play? How do you make time to play?

My office is a pickleball court. I have a GREAT calendar! I average 40 hours a week, split between teaching and social play.

Any lucky rituals before a big tournament?

Visualize success.

Do you have any pickleball goals youd like to share?

My goal is to medal at the USAPA Nationals Tournament.

Anything else youd like to share about your experience being one of the best pickleball players in the world?

Pickleball is a perfect avenue to travel and meet people. My pickleball family continues to grow!