Local Pickleball Tournaments in Washington State

by laurapbc on Dec 13, 2017

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Local pickleball tournaments are a great way to get involved in the community and test your skills without breaking the bank or sacrificing a lot of time to travel.

After Karen Thomas, our Director of Marketing/Communications and an excellent pickleball player, shared how much fun she had at a few nearby tournaments, we started rounding up a variety of Washington-based competitions to spread the love.

Mt. Rainier Mt. Rainier in the lovely Pacific Northwest (Credit: the norse)

These events are a great way to support your local pickleball community, meet other players and hone your abilities on the court. Instead of worrying whether you'll place the highest, just focus on getting the most enjoyment out of each event!

There are options available for players of all skill levels to get in on the action in a relaxed environment. Each city is noted on the first line under the tournament name so you can stay close to home.

The information listed here is based on data gathered during late 2017 and is only intended to give a general idea of entry costs, time of year and the format for each event, so please note that details will likely vary in the future.

To check the most up-to-date information, follow the event links to each group's homepage.

City of Edmonds Pickleball Tournament 

  • Yost Park (Edmonds)
  • September 9
  • $25 first event / $10 each additional
  • Double elimination or round robin depending on # of participants
  • Doubles only, open

Columbia Basin Pickleball Classic

  • Lawrence Scott Park (Kennewick)
  • August 4 - 6
  • $50 early bird, $60 normal registration + $10 per event
  • Round robin
  • Singles and doubles

Larry & Marlene Nicholson Memorial Tournament

  • Steamboat Tennis and Athletic Club (Olympia)
  • January 19 - 21
  • Fee TBA
  • First match losers consolation
  • Doubles only

Lighthouse Oktoberfest Picklepalooza

  • Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort (Long Beach)
  • Oct 20 - 22
  • Double elimination
  • Doubles only

North Cascades Fall Pickleball Classic

  • North Cascades Athletic Club (Omak)
  • Oct 14 - 15
  • Friday clinics with pro Tyson McGuffin
  • Cost and elimination style not noted
  • Singles and doubles

Pickleball Station Tournaments

  • Pickleball Station, part of PickleballCentral in Kent
  • Monthly tournaments
  • Usually $30 registration + $10 per event
  • Double elimination or round robin
  • Primarily doubles

Selkirk PIG (Pickleball Is Great) Chase Tournaments

  • Tualatin Hills Tennis Club (Beaverton), Cascade Middle School (Vancouver), Club Green Meadows (Vancouver)
  • Jan 6 - 7, Feb 17 - 19, March 17 - 18, Apr 21 - 22, June 2 - 3
  • $45 one event/$55 two events/$65 three events (Feb only)
  • Round robin
  • Doubles, singles only in Feb only

Rainier Community Center Men & Women's Doubles Tournament

  • Rainier Community Center (Seattle)
  • November 4
  • $15 per team / $8 per person
  • Double elimination, best 2 out of 3
  • Doubles only, open

Washington State Senior Games

  • Auburn Riverside High School (Tennis Courts)
  • July 21 - 23
  • $33 or $23 early bird registration / $9 per person per event
  • Double elimination, best 2 out of 3
  • Singles and doubles, open and non-open

Washougal Rivers Edge Dinosaur Doubles

  • Hathaway Park (Washougal)
  • June 24 - 25
  • $35 registration
  • Round robin
  • Doubles only

If you know of any other sanctioned or non-sanctioned tournaments that are worth a visit in Washington, be sure to let us know in the comments!